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Central Bank Rate Hike Expectations – Who is Expected to Ease

Date February 16, 2012

Central banks have been particularly vocal since the beginning of the year, either by expressing their skepticism or satisfaction with the easing of credit conditions and incoming economic data. For some countries, this has changed rate hike expectations, for others it simply confirms existing views. As you may know, central bank rate hike expectations change […]

What Investors Expect Central Banks to Do in 2011 and 2012

Date September 16, 2011

Central Bank Interest Rate Expectations can and do change based upon economic and market developments. The last time I provided updated CB expectations was in July (yes, I apologize for being tardy) but since then we have seen major changes in investors expect central banks to do this year and next. Here are the cliff […]

CNBC Interview: Central Banks Could Intervene if US is Downgraded

Date July 28, 2011

Was on CNBC last night talking about how Central Banks could intervene to weaken the Yen if the US is downgraded or defaults

Counting down to BoJ Meeting

Date June 13, 2011

Before you know it, the Bank of Japan will be delivering their monetary policy announcement. Far less attention has been paid to the BoJ announcement than last’s ECB or RBNZ meetings and for good reason. For the past few years, the central bank has been more reactive than proactive and never one to opt for […]

Fed: Data Shows Mkt Pricing in Q2 Rate Hike?

Date May 19, 2011

It has been a while since I provided updated numbers for the market’s rate hike expectations and I will chalk it up to my travels! Rate expectations are always changing and a lot has happened over the past month. Its always important to keep track of them because they reflect what investors are pricing in! […]