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Beneficiaries of North and South Korea War

Date November 23, 2010

The exchange of artillery fire between North and South Korea is the biggest story in the financial markets today. Investors never respond well to geopolitical tensions and in the case of forex, they usually react to geopolitical risks by dumping the currencies of the countries in question. As a result, the South Korean Won has […]

How Far Can Bear Market Rallies Extend?

Date March 11, 2009

Stocks rallied significantly yesterday, leading many people to wonder if this is “the bottom” in equities. Given that none of the problems in the U.S. economy have been resolved, I think that this is a bear market rally. With that in mind, it is interesting to look at how much equities could rebound in a […]

Why the Dow Could be Headed Lower

Date February 19, 2009

I read this fascinating study by Barclays Bank this morning on how the performance of the Dow in the month of January can set the tone for trading throughout the year. In the first month of 2009, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 12 percent. According to Barclay’s study, if there is negative equity market […]

Non-Farm Payrolls Tank But Market Rallies: What Gives?

Date December 5, 2008

The US unemployment rate soared to a 15 year high in the month of November as non-farm payrolls incur the steepest slide in 34 years. Although currencies and equities sold off aggressively following the release of the labor market numbers, they clawed their way back to end the US trading session in positive territory. In […]

How Far Can Stocks Fall?

Date November 20, 2008

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting 5 year lows today, the burning question on everyone’s mind is, how far can stocks fall. This is a perfect time to republish a post that I wrote in the middle of October titled DJIA: Does the Past Offer Hope? Here is a very interesting chart published by […]