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Table – EZ Economy and Perf Since Last ECB Mtg

Date June 5, 2012

The European Central Bank is gearing up for a monetary policy announcement tomorrow. Based on the following table, which shows broad based weakness in the EZ economy since the May meeting, they need to ease. Whether it happens now or in July is still an open question, but the central bank can’t sit by idly […]

Chart: EURUSD and 10 Yr Spanish Yields

Date May 29, 2012

There’s been a lot of talk about Spanish 10 year bond yields rising to 7 percent. We’ve been at higher levels in 2011 but at that time the EUR/USD was trading much higher. 7 percent is a critical level because that is the rate that pushed Greece, Portugal and Ireland to beg for aid. The […]

Talking with CNBC Asia about ECB and EUR

Date May 29, 2012

I was on CNBC Asia last week talking about how proactive the ECB will be in light of Europe’s sovereign debt troubles. Sorry for the late post!

Market Correction Interview with CNBC

Date April 11, 2012

I was on CNBC Asia this morning talking about the potential for a deep market correction over the next few months and the degree of Renminbi undervaluation. Renminbi Undervaluation

Why BoE is Expected to Ease and ECB is Not

Date February 8, 2012

Both the Bank of England and the European Central Bank will be making monetary policy announcements on Thursday. The market expects the ECB to remain on hold and BoE to increase their asset purchase program by GBP 50 billion. A quick look at the following tables explain why the BoE is expected to ease and […]