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Forex: 10 Events to Watch Next Week

Date August 15, 2014

Forex: 10 Events to Watch Next Week In order of release 1. UK Consumer Price Index (Aug 19) 2. New Zealand Dairy Auction (Aug 19) 3. RBA Semi-Annual Testimony (Aug 19) 4. Bank of England Minutes (Aug 20) 5. FOMC Minutes (Aug 20) 6. HSBC China Manufacturing PMI Aug Flash (Aug 20) 7. Eurozone PMIs […]

Video: My Favorite EUR Trades

Date June 11, 2012

Was on Bloomberg TV this afternoon talking about how to trade the Euro – my favorite trades are EURJPY and EURGBP

Talking with CNBC Asia about ECB and EUR

Date May 29, 2012

I was on CNBC Asia last week talking about how proactive the ECB will be in light of Europe’s sovereign debt troubles. Sorry for the late post!

Does Sell in May, Go Away Apply to EUR?

Date May 1, 2012

There is a very old saying in the stock market that goes “Sell in May, and Go Away.” This pertains to the notion that investors should cash in on their investments this month and take the summer off because June, July, August and September have traditionally been some of the worst months in the equity […]

Chart: ECB LTRO Reaction in EUR and Stocks

Date February 24, 2012

Next week, the ECB will conducting their second long term refinancing operation. The impact of their first LTRO was significant – in fact, it sparked the stock market rally. If the uptake next week is anywhere close to EUR1 trillion, we could see a similar reaction. The following chart shows how the EUR/USD, the S&P […]