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FOMC Voters 2014 Dove Hawk Scale

Date January 7, 2014

The Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee changes every year and 2014 in particular iss a big year for the Federal Reserve because there are a number of new faces on the Federal Open Market Committee or FOMC. With her official confirmation on Monday, Janet Yellen will become the first woman to lead the world’s most […]

FOMC Voters 2013 Dove Hawk Scale

Date January 8, 2013

The Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee changes every year and for 2013 in particular, the new makeup of the FOMC will be extremely important because this group will decide whether asset purchases should end in 2013. Gone are Lacker (the most hawkish member of the FOMC), Pianalto (a dove), Williams and Lockhart. Three doves and […]

Compare the FOMC Statements April vs. March

Date April 25, 2012

Here’s my marked up version of the FOMC Statement with notable changes. Compare with: March FOMC Statement Release Date: March 13, 2012 For immediate release More on this topic (What's this?) A Potentially Weakening Consumer And The Fed's Predicament (Disciplined Approach to Investing, 9/12/15) Rising Interst Rates Historically A Positive For Equity Returns (Disciplined Approach […]

Table: How US Economy Changed Since Last FOMC Mtg

Date April 25, 2012

Here’s a table comparing how the US economy has changed since the last FOMC meeting in March. More weakness than strength 4 sure…

What are Central Banks Expected to do in 2012?

Date January 10, 2012

The New Year has begun and it is important to see what the market is pricing in for central banks this year. As you may know, central bank rate hike expectations change often but as of last week, most central banks are expected to keep monetary policy unchanged in the coming year but one is […]