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Kathy Lien’s Interview on Australian Dollar

Date January 14, 2009

Last night, I was on Sky News Australia talking about a variety of things ranging from the Federal Reserve’s policy action, China, the US dollar, the Euro, the Australian and New Zealand dollars. Here’s the interview: Get the Flash Player to see this player. I also talked to Chip Hanlon of Greenfaucet.com about my new […]

Kathy Lien Marketwatch Video Interview Talking About Dollar

Date December 18, 2008

Here is a video interview I conducted with Marketwatch talking about where the US dollar is headed in 2009:

Kathy Lien on Bloomberg Television Talking About Yen

Date December 18, 2008

Here’s a clip of the interview that I did with Bloomberg Television last night about where currencies are headed: Click on the image to watch the video

Canada Takes Interest Rates to 50 Year Low

Date December 9, 2008

The Bank of Canada took interest rates to a 50 year low this morning of 1.5 percent and signaled that further monetary stimulus may be needed. Their next rate decision is on January 20th and there is a strong chance that the central bank will take interest rates down to 1 percent. According to the […]

Currencies Rally With Aid on the Way

Date December 8, 2008

If the equity market managed to rally despite news that 533k jobs were lost from the US economy last month, then Obama’s pledge to increase spending this weekend and the developments for the Big 3 automakers will only help. Risk appetite appears to be slowly returning to the markets with the low yielding US dollar […]