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Dollar Closing In on 5% Targets, Where are the Value Points?

Date October 24, 2008

The type of moves that we have seen in the currency market during the Asian and European trading sessions are typically what we see in a quarter or a half year. USD/JPY has fallen 5 percent, AUD/USD is down more than 8.5 percent while the NZD/USD is down 7 percent. The sell-off in the Japanese […]

Finally Stabilization for the Financial Markets?

Date October 23, 2008

In the face of today‚Äôs 200 point positive and negative swings in the Dow, it could be argued that the US dollar has been relatively stable if you only look at the daily change of the 3 major currency pairs. The EUR/USD rallied 100 pips, the GBP/USD was unchanged while USD/JPY fell 75 pips. This […]

Lehman CDS Auction Prevents Euro and Pound from Rallying

Date October 20, 2008

With the lack of any major US economic data on the calendar this week, the big event risk for the stock market and the US dollar is the Lehman Brothers’ Credit Default Swap settlement on October 21. The fear that European banks may be forced to pay out on the default protection has prevented the […]

Weak Consumer Spending = Negative GDP

Date October 15, 2008

Retail sales dropped by the most since August 2005 as consumers cut spending on cars, furniture, electronics, clothing and sporting goods. Americans are even eating out less and only spending on the necessities – health care and gas. With fears of a deep recession that may feel like the depression driving the dollar and equities […]

Is Earnings Season Bringing Back Recession Fears?

Date October 14, 2008

The feel good factor in the markets was relatively short-lived with the 400 point rally in the Dow this morning turning into a more than 76 point decline by the end of the US trading session. The US dollar weakened against every major currency but the reversal in the Dow has caused the greenback to […]