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Table: How NZ Economy Fared Since March Mtg

Date April 25, 2012

Aside from the Federal Reserve, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand also has a monetary policy announcement this afternoon. The RBNZ is expected to keep rates unchanged – hard to validate a rate hike when the RBA is planning to ease. Also, the last time the RBNZ met, Governor Bollard said “sustained strength in NZD […]

Charting AUD/NZD: A Turn in the Making?

Date January 20, 2011

Since the middle of December, AUD/NZD has fallen more than 5 percent. The weakness of the currency pair is more a function of the problems in Australia than the strength in New Zealand. The floods in Queensland sent the Aussie tumbling as investors grew concerned about the impact on the economy. However over the past […]

My Favorite Forex Trade: AUD/NZD

Date March 8, 2010

My favorite forex trade right now is shorting AUD/NZD. After hitting a 9 year high of 1.3124 last week, the rally in AUD/NZD is losing steam. I should have posted about this earlier, but I think there is still room for the currency pair to fall. Last week, the Reserve Bank of Australia raised interest […]

Aussie and Kiwi Not Overvalued

Date October 12, 2009

I was on CNBC tonight talking about why I believe the Australian and New Zealand dollars are NOT overvalued. On FX360.com I published an article talking about the relative Purchasing Power Parity values of the major currencies and how undervalued the U.S. dollar really is. Enjoy!

Outlook for Australian and New Zealand Dollars

Date June 2, 2009

I was on CNBC this afternoon talking about the outlook for the Australian and New Zealand Dollars