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Vacation Pics from Whistler

Date January 7, 2011

Here are some pics from my recent ski trip to Whistler! Am I taking a break or did I fall? The beautiful mountain views Braving the cold after those Black Diamonds

What Sets ECB Apart from Fed and BoE?

Date May 7, 2009

Both the European Central Bank and the Bank of England announced asset purchases today, but the Euro skyrocketed while the British pound fell, leading many currency traders to wonder What Sets the ECB Apart from Fed and BoE? Read Boris’ take on the Bank of England Rate Decision Before talking about why the euro recovered, […]

ECB Meeting: What Did Trichet Say?

Date April 2, 2009

ECB President Trichet does it once again. He has under delivered and postponed the inevitable. This morning, the central bank cut interest rates by only 25bp to 1.25 percent instead of the widely expected 50bp cut, sending the Euro through the roof. Some questions immediately come to mind, which Trichet elegantly answered in his post […]

Updated! Salaries of Central Bank Governors

Date March 26, 2009

The job of turning around the global economy lies of the shoulders of just a few people and in this group includes central bank governors. With such a tall task at hand, it leads me to wonder what are the people with such power and responsibility making. Is it enough to compensate for the sleepless […]

Euro and British Pound Crushed by Rate Decisions

Date March 5, 2009

The Euro and British pound have come under severe selling pressure after the ECB and BoE cut interest rates by 50bp. Interest rates are now at historic lows for both central banks and even though the rate announcements were negative for both currencies, the Euro has sold off more aggressively than the British pound because […]