Forex Moves in Sept Could Set End of Year Tone

Date September 10, 2009

As we begin the second week of trading in September, it is also important for currency traders to know that the performance of the EUR/USD and USD/JPY this month could set the tone for trading for the rest of the year. The following tables compare the performance of the EUR/USD in September with the performance for the last 3 months of the year. For the EUR/USD, in 7 out of the last 10 years, the currency pair’s performance in September foreshadowed the performance in Q4. In USD/JPY, this pattern occurred in 8 out of the last 10 years.

6 Responses to “Forex Moves in Sept Could Set End of Year Tone”

  1. Forex Links for the Weekend | Forex Crunch said:

    [...] Kathy Lien writes about how September’s trading could set the tone to the end of the year. [...]

  2. Forex Educator said:

    Heard that China has been a seller of EURUSD at 1.4620.

  3. Forexspeed said:

    Hi Kathy

    I’ve signed up for your newsletter. It says done at the browser but there’s no action on your side.

    One big win on Eur/Usd and lately, it’s been a lose, lose string. How to predict where it’s going on the short trend?

  4. GreatTrader Fx said:

    That was a good idea. 10 years pattern.

  5. Forex newbie back in the swing with team trading | The Currensee Exchange said:

    [...] been reading a few blogs lately, to try to find someone I can follow for a while. I investigated Kathy Lien’s blog, as I know she is well-respected in the Forex world. I spotted a few items on BabyPips that have [...]

  6. Cambio euro dólar previsión del cambio para el próximo trimestre | GurusBlog said:

    [...] el blog de Kathy Lien (analista del mercado de divisas) he dado con una estadística sobre la cotización del EURUSD (€ vs $) y del USDJPY ($ vs Y) que puede ser interesante. Aunque a mi personalmente, no me gustan muchas estas [...]

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